McLaren Lego Tecnic P1

Building Excellence: McLaren and LEGO Unveil the Ultimate Technic McLaren P1™ Model

McLaren Automotive and the LEGO Group have teamed up once again to create a stunning tribute to one of the world’s most advanced hybrid hypercars: the LEGO® Technic™ McLaren P1™. This new model honors the McLaren P1™, renowned for its unparalleled performance and groundbreaking engineering.

The McLaren P1™ set a new benchmark in the supercar world with its innovative design, combining lightweight construction, exceptional aerodynamics, and a powerful hybrid powertrain. The P1™ was designed to be the ultimate driver’s car, excelling on both road and track. It remains a milestone in McLaren’s history and a symbol of high-performance hybrid technology.

Recreating such an iconic vehicle presented a formidable challenge for the LEGO Technic team. The 1:8 scale LEGO Technic McLaren P1™ is part of the LEGO Technic Ultimate Car Concept Series and features an impressive 3,893 elements. Each model comes with a unique serial number, unlocking special behind-the-scenes content. The intricate model boasts a 7-speed gearbox with two shifter drums, advanced suspension, a V8 piston engine, an adjustable rear wing, and sophisticated dihedral doors, promising an immersive and authentic building experience.

Collaboration between the LEGO Technic designers and McLaren Automotive was key to capturing the essence of the McLaren P1™. Tobias Sühlmann, Chief Design Officer at McLaren Automotive, expressed his excitement: “Seeing the elements of the original P1 brought to life by the LEGO team is amazing. I hope this collaboration inspires the next generation of designers and engineers to push the boundaries of automotive innovation.”

McLaren Lego Tecnic P1
McLaren Lego Tecnic P1

LEGO Designer Kasper Rene Hansen shared insights into the design process: “We wanted to capture every detail of the McLaren P1™ in our LEGO Technic model without compromise. From aerodynamic shapes to the V8 piston engine, we aimed to replicate the car’s features as accurately as possible. One of our biggest challenges was engineering the iconic butterfly doors to stay open. It was an incredible experience to recreate the McLaren P1™, and I hope supercar enthusiasts will enjoy exploring its details in LEGO Technic form.”

The LEGO Technic McLaren P1™ set will be available on August 1, 2024, at and LEGO Stores, priced at €449.99 / £389.99 / $449.99. Additionally, from August 1-7, 2024, LEGO Insiders can receive an exclusive LEGO Technic McLaren P1 Logo with their purchase.

This collaboration between McLaren Automotive and the LEGO Group not only celebrates the legacy of the McLaren P1™ but also showcases the innovative spirit of both brands, inviting enthusiasts to delve into the world of high-performance engineering through the engaging medium of LEGO Technic.

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